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Jewelry by Tiffany - New Orleans, La. & Austin, Tx


From a very young age, I was completely enamored  with jewelry. It’s hard to recall back to a time I was not adiring it, collecting it and wearing it!  I have been officially hooked on jewelry and have been collecting for twenty years!

Vintage jewelry is my greates passion because of its beauty, look, history, craftsmanship and value. The history of vintage jewelry is fascinating - from the design periods, symbolism, provenance, and decoding the maker’s marks.

Travel and Tours

Besides Jewelry, I spend a lot of time traveling and on tours of natural areas like swamps, lakes, rivers.  I am drawn to water and believe it serves my soul when I discover new places. I enjoy spending time in New Orleans, Louisiana and Austin, Texas.  I find connecting with locals on my tours to allow me to find out the secret spots to look for gems, natural elements and more.  I love to gem hunt and hunt for swamp spanish moss, cypress tree knobs.  I usually hunt for these items on kayak tours and by paddle board.  I only collect drift wood or non-living items. I document my jewelry finds during my travels.

New Orleans, La and Austin, Tx

Born and raised in New Orleans, La. I split my time between there and Austin, Texas.  The swamps in New Orleans are my special place.  You can catch me kayaking paddle boarding in Austin, Texas on lady bird lake or town lake during the summer. I try to attend a few art festivals in New Orleans, LA.